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Windows 8.1 might resemble the features like Windows 8. However, in the inner functionalities and features, you might spot some major differences. Because the aforementioned software operates at the driver and service level, Windows may perform regular checks regarding the validity of the certificate when the program is run. Fincio equipment and building maintenance management software allows you to schedule preventive equipment and building maintenance jobs and keep a vigilant oversight on works completion. I wouldn’t use either of those tools normally, so it just seemed out of my normal workflow to have Cortana drag me into different windows every time I wanted to employ her.

Additionally, sharing is integral to ShareX just as the name suggests and with this, you can directly send your screen captured files and videos to social media sites and other sites easily with a single click. Click on the ‘Add a drive’ option and select the plugged in drive and then enable the option, found under File History. FlashCookiesView is a small utility that displays the list of cookie files created by Flash component (Local Shared Object) in your Web browser.

We can find a variety of different useful lightweight programs for work and entertainment, most of which we have tested ourselves and regularly use on our PCs. When you need to commentate on a video tutorial or game on your Windows 10, turning on the microphone or system sound while the screen video is being recorded makes it easy to include the audio stream into the output video. Upon request, licensed users receive source code for application DLLs for windows, logic, reports, and special programs.

Tip: Use the divider between the two apps to change their size. You can now save documents as PDFs without any third-party software as both the Modern apps and the traditional desktop programs offer the option as part of their standard printing options. Offline Maps Speaking of apps, the revamped universal Maps app, like any maps tool worth using (and unlike the Windows 8 Maps app), packs an offline maps feature.

Windows 10 also contains Internet Explorer for legacy purposes which I think will be continued to be used for a considerable time to come. The option’s found in Tablet Mode settings, which we cover later.) Immediately press the Start button to bask in the full-screen apps and Start screen, since Source that’s obviously your thing. To do this go to Settings > Personalization > Start > Use full-screen Start when in the Desktop.

Click on Start menu then click on Settings. To run a search, open up PC TuneUp, click on Uninstall Unused Programs, and then Filter List. Start Menu>Settings>Systems>Notifications and actions and you can work your way from the top down or as you see fit. Trimble Transportation is recognized in the industry for robust software solutions designed for firms involved in the transportation services sector. To force the Edge browser to use a custom Downloads folder, head to the Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\MicrosoftEdge\Main key.

Our new Automatic Software Updater regularly updates your most critical programs for you. 4. Remove those pesky Windows Store apps. All you got to do is click on ‘Select a restart time’. Autoruns not only lists autorunning programs, it lets you turn off individual programs. Anytime you have to open up the PC to make a change (installing memory, hard drives, sound or video cards), or connect something external that doesn’t just use a USB or FireWire (1394) port, you should shut the thing down first.